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Praise for Think and Grow Rich Study Groups

When like-minded and like-hearted people come together to share thoughts, dreams, ideas and support in a spirit of true dialogue (suspending previous assumptions for the purpose of learning from each other), that’s master minding. What happens in this space is something that couldn’t have happened in any other context. As Napoleon Hill says in the 1937 classic Think and Grow Rich, a master mind is “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He also says that …

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

Sometimes when we describe a situation or an entity which we have never experienced before, it is easier to do it by describing what it is not. So a Master Mind group is not:

A book club. Although we sometimes use books as the impetus for our gatherings, the book is not the focus. It’s what the book may create as subject matter for true dialogue and action that distinguishes a Master Mind.

Group coaching. The Master Mind is not dependent upon the facilitator or coach for instruction. The space created by the intention of the Master Mind is where the group finds answers and questions for each other. Holding the space is the responsibility of the facilitator.

A support group (in the traditional sense). Although there is certainly support developed by the members for each other, the support is not for where people are, but rather where they are going. People who join Bock’s Office Master Mind groups understand that venturing out of the comfort zone is uncomfortable, and they are ready to be uncomfortable with the support of others going in that direction.

For everyone. Sometimes people really are looking for a book club or group coaching. They will not be attracted to a true Master Mind … yet. As people grow in their own awareness and understanding, they seek out others whose awareness matches or challenges their own. That is when people find Master Minding the most effective.

Perhaps the best way to describe a Bock’s Office Master Mind group comes from one of the members. He said his co-workers were beginning to notice a shift in his attitude and demeanor since he joined a Master Mind group. One of them asked him, “Are you ON something … or ON TO something?” When the results of our awareness begin to show OUTSIDE of us, that’s when we realize that shift. And that’s what we’re all up to: bigger talk which leads to bigger action which leads to transformation over time.

If you’re interested in joining a Bock’s Office Master Mind group, either in person or virtually, please contact Jodee. We’re always looking for champions in various communities to hold the space. Facilitation training is available – or we can set up semi-virtual studies.

Here are some comments from Bock’s Office Master Mind participants:

“I am so grateful for our Wednesday Master Mind group. I have been on a wonderful spiritual and personal path that started when you suggested I watch THE SECRET in June of ‘06.  And now, with the support of our Master Mind group, I’m making gigantic strides!  Thank you for bringing this amazing book and concept to Fargo and into my life!”

-Kelly Pratt

“Getting involved with our Master Mind group and reading Think and Grow Rich, made me truly understand that we all are born leaders.  However, my Master Mind group and Think and Grow Rich helped me dig deep enough to find that leader from within.  It proves that being surrounded with like-minded people and setting goals that we live to achieve can only set the stage for success!”

-Jodi Buchholz

“As a CEO of a high-growth software company, the master mind experience encouraged me to think bigger and more boldly in terms of goal setting for my company. Story examples such as ‘What I would do with a million dollars’ and ‘Three feet from gold’ continue to remind me to think out of the box for solutions and tenaciously strive towards goals until they have been achieved. Though I was admittedly a bit cynical at the beginning of the master mind sessions, I was certainly a believer by the end.”

-Mark Rheault