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Bock's Office Facilitator Certification

As Bock's Office continues to grow, we have taken great care in selecting and training facilitators to provide you with the same great transformational experience you have come to expect.

To that end, we are offering a new Bock's Office Facilitator Certification program for people who want to learn the skills necessary to facilitate Bock's Office study groups, and to learn skills to help them hold more effective meetings and learn valuable communication skills.

To bring facilitation to life, the facilitator must change the way he or she thinks and behaves. Most of us are natural "tellers." To facilitate successfully, we must become effective inquirers. To facilitate really means "to make easier," so we are committed to assisting the learning and growth of participants in our learning sessions.

The number-one skill of facilitation is asking questions. A facilitator uses both closed and open-ended questions. A closed question can be answered with a "yes" or "no." Example: "Do we have this problem in our organization?" An open-ended question causes people to think and to begin to explore new ways of thinking and acting. Example: "How does this apply to our organization?" "What are the implications of this continuing?" "How can this problem be eliminated?"

Though both types of questions have value, open-ended ones create more dialogue.

Bock's Office Facilitator Certification includes 18 hours of training and interactive participatory learning and then an apprenticeship period with the assistance of Jodee and/or other certified facilitators.

The training can be delivered in three full-day sessions or in six 3-hour sessions.

Watch for future training dates coming soon in the  Event Ticket on the home page or in Bock's Office newsletter, The Ticket.