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Consulting & Speaking Services

We at Bock’s Office are experts in employee engagement  and maximizing capacity. We encourage people to live their lives on stage instead of in the audience. Learning about something gives you an audience view. Actually experiencing learning by participating in it is being on stage. If you want to really live your life fully – at work and at home – let Bock’s Office be your guide to experiencing the learning and growth opportunities that provide knowledge and then take it from awareness to action.

Sustained change only happens when we shift from the logical to the emotional level. That sustained change is really what transformation is all about. And transformation comes more from asking profound questions than seeking practical answers. At Bock's Office, we know how to ask questions that help corporate, organizational and individual clients discover solutions for themselves and really experience those solutions on an emotional and experiential level.

We provide everything from keynote speeches to learning events like workshops and seminars; convention breakouts to corporate coaching and consulting.

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to maximize your possibilities, consider Bock’s Office for facilitating meetings, brainstorming and heartstorming sessions, think tanks or Open Space meetings. Not sure about your vision, cause, calling? We can help with that, too - both individually and for your entire organization.

Workshops & Learning Events

We at Bock's Office design and customize our learning events based on specific client outcomes. All Bock’s Office events have at the foundation an element of awareness, artful action and transformation, so they are tied to objectives the client wants to work toward within an organization. These learning events are presented as workshops, seminars and keynote addresses. Following are examples of previous Bock’s Office workshops that can be customized:


The 100% Factor: Ideas for Living Your Capacity
Presented by Jodee Bock

Have you ever heard someone say that you have a lot of potential? On the surface, that could sound like a compliment, but when you really start to think about it, what does that say about your current level of performance? If you have a lot of potential, does it mean that maybe someday you'll live up to it, but it's not happening now?

Capacity is right here, right now. A 12 oz. cup of coffee has a maximum capacity of 12 ounces. If it is 100% full, it's at capacity.

During this presentation, based on the book by Jodee Bock, participants will begin to examine how much of their lives they are actually living. Through stories and case studies, they will get exposed to organizations and individuals who are truly choosing how to live a life of capacity and will be given ideas for their own lives.

This presentation can be customized based on desired outcomes from a one-hour keynote to a full-day workshop.


Keep the Change, I Want Results

Presented by Jodee Bock

No matter what you call it - change, transition, shift – most people’s natural reaction to a new situation is to resist. Yet we know that what we resist is what persists. This presentation will give a new meaning to organizational change and give attendees a new way of thinking about organizational culture. Even though we know better, we don’t always do better, especially when it comes to giving up old ways of thinking and moving to ways which, although unfamiliar, may actually produce the results we want.

Attendees will gain a new perspective on what does and what doesn’t work in their own environments and will be invited to consider an entirely new way of achieving their desired results. As with any kind of expanded thinking opportunity, this may be uncomfortable for some, but that’s the idea! There is no painless quick fix when it comes to change, but there is a painful quick fix. This presentation will address some of those choices we may be ready to make in order to get the results we want!


90-Day Results Challenge 

If your organization or a group of your friends or neighbors is sincerely committed to boosting your results in measurable ways in 90 days, come on board with the 90-Day Results Challenge!

Bock’s Office will present information, ideas and opportunities for creating successful accountability partnerships to ensure that you achieve the results you want!

The challenge will consist of six gatherings, one every other week for 90 days. The gatherings will include introduction of principles and ideas about personal accountability, goal-getting, and laws of success. Gatherings will last no more than 90 minutes and provide an opportunity for participants to share their own successes and challenges in a Master Mind format.


Job Relations for Leaders
Presented by Jodee Bock

Corporate leaders have a tough job. Often people are promoted to leadership roles in their organizations because they are good at the operations side of their work. What is often not anticipated in these cases is the importance of effective interpersonal communication and people skills.

Leadership is not rank, it is responsibility. It is the lifting of a collaborator’s vision to higher sights – the raising of a collaborator’s performance to a higher standard. It is the building of a collaborator’s personality beyond its normal limitations.

In addition, there are times and places for a leader to be both motivational (external) and inspirational (internal). Leaders also sometimes need to resolve conflicts when they arise.

Job Relation Training teaches supervisors and leaders how to develop and maintain positive relationships with employees and with people at all levels of the organization to prevent problems from happening and also how to resolve conflicts when they do arise.

Principles of this training include:

• providing constructive feedback and feedforward

• giving credit when due
• telling people in advance about changes that will affect them
• making the best use of each person's ability, and
• earning the employee's loyalty and cooperation.

When problems do arise, it teaches supervisors how to get the facts, weigh them and decide what to do, take action, and check results. This course includes elements of presentation, activity, and coaching.


Transforming Your Leadership “I” Sight
Presented by Jodee Bock

The role of the leader is to identify, realize and sustain a dream. Yet many leaders never actualize those dreams for themselves, much less inspire them in others. Perhaps it is because they need clearer “I” sight! No more 20/20 hindsight: this learning opportunity will open members’ eyes to their leadership possibilities and results TODAY!

Key Points:

  • Every single person, no matter what title or position, has the capacity to turn ANY organization into a more positive, productive community.
  • There is a point at which people at any level of an organization must choose new approaches to create new results.
  • Our value as leaders exists not in what we HAVE done or even in what we MAY do; it exists in who we are BEING NOW.
  • No behavior or technique “out there” will produce new results until we become clear about what’s going on “in here.”

 Jodee Bock will be your guide during this leadership growth opportunity which highlights the three-part course intended to be delivered over a period of six weeks in a Master Mind setting. The process is specifically designed to allow participants to practice their new found "I" sight and leadership techniques as they learn and grow. When leaders wake up to the I, they realize an expanded desire to promote teamwork, enhanced accountability, a focus on achieving results, and greater satisfaction and happiness within and outside the work environment.


The Question Behind the Question Personal Accountability Training
Presented by Jodee Bock, in partnership with The Rainmaker Group

Ever heard questions like these?

* Why do we have to go through all this change?
* When is someone going to train me?
* Who dropped the ball?
* Why can’t they communicate better?
* When is that department going to do its job right?
* Who’s going to solve the problem?
* When am I going to find good people?
* Why don’t they share the vision?
* Who’s going to clarify my job?

If so, QBQ! is for you. In every organization — corporations, nonprofit, schools, churches, even families — there is blame, complaining, and procrastination. QBQ, Inc. provides practical tools that help people eliminate these dangerous traps and improve their lives.

QBQ consists of four parts, delivered in a full-day format and utilizes video training and live facilitation to take the training from theory to practical and customized action.


Leadership and Self-Deception

This half- to full-day course is based on the Arbinger Institute's book Leadership and Self-Deception.

Most organizational problems - from problems in leadership, to problems in motivation, teamwork, communication, accountability, stress - are not separate problems at all, but are symptoms of the single problem of self-deception. Reducing self-deception may be the single most important step your organization can take toward increased productivity.

But what is self-deception and why is it so prevalent? Simply put, self-deception is the problem of not being able to see that you are the problem. For instance: Think about the most difficult people you've ever had to work with. What made them difficult? Did they consider themselves a problem? Chances are, they did not. Despite the fact that you (and everyone else around them) could see they were a problem, they couldn't see it.

Through presentation, activity and small-group dialogue, participants will begin to understand their role in problems they have with relationships in their personal and professional lives.

The book Leadership and Self-Deception is required as pre-reading and is used as the foundation for the training and ongoing coaching.


Self-Image and Your Success
Presented by Jodee Bock

This presentation teaches participants that they can shift and choose more beneficial power in their lives by shifting how they see themselves first. The development of a positive self-image starts with addressing what keeps people from being their best selves, and this is often identified as fear.

Among topics to be addressed are definitions of fear, success, self-image and sacrifice. With common language, participants will begin to see that there are other ways of dealing with challenges in their lives and will achieve breakthroughs in all areas of their lives.


Experiencing Responsible Communication
Presented by Jodee Bock

How did you learn to swim? To drive a car? To play golf? By reading about it in a book and then performing it flawlessly? Probably not. So why would we expect that we could learn enhanced communication skills by sitting in a classroom? This session will allow participants a chance to experience learning communication skills like listening, setting intentions, feedback, and responsibility by actually DOING the communication, not just learning ABOUT it. This session will provide a very short experience of a full-day or multi-day experience which can be used within their organizations to plan more effective meetings, increase employee feedback and engagement with new ideas.

Participants will understand Open Space Technology and will have information for using it to address their own internal situations where engagement and buy-in are needed to champion new results. It may be a little chaotic, but that’s the idea! If we learn by doing, we may learn best by making things up as we go!

This session can be a one-hour overview or can be expanded into a full-day or multi-day activity which can produce anything from stakeholder buy-in for learning objectives to new product or service ideas.


ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership
Presented by Jodee Bock

ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership brilliantly reframes leadership theory with a new vision for the 21st century—a vision of reconnecting each of us with our deepest human needs.

Whenever we experience pain or sadness, it is because we have become separated from what, or whom, we love. And whenever we are inspired and joyful, it is because we are one with what, or whom, we love. Great leaders know that all human challenges and successes can be explained through this awareness.

How do we live as Conscious Leaders? By practicing the CASTLE Principles—Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness.

Of course saying it and living it are two different things—but not as difficult as we imagine. We have all achieved great moments of Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. All we need to do is live at this same level again.

This workshop, based on the book by Dr. Lance Secretan, will show you how and change your life!


Other presentations, keynotes and learning events can be customized based on desired outcomes.


Keynotes and Convention Breakout Sessions

Jodee Bock, principal and founder of Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting, provides keynote addresses and conference breakout sessions on the topics of change, effective communication, leadership, and accountability. Among the titles of previous presentations are:

  •  It Takes Courage to be Creative
  •  Keep the Change, I Want Results
  • The 100% Factor: Ideas for Living Your Capacity
  • Think and Grow _______* (*Rich, Healthy, Successful, etc.)
  • Getting Beyond the Fear Factor
  • Choosing Your Legacy: Ideas About Leadership & Mentorship
  • What’s Your WHY?
  • Making the Leap to a Brand New Future
  • Six POWER-Full Leadership Ideas

Meeting Facilitation & Brainstorming

Bock’s Office provides meeting facilitation and technography skills to keep your meetings on track. We also provide Think Tank facilitation and brainstorming to help you come up with action plans for achieving your goals and can even train others in the skill of meeting facilitation.