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Leadership and Effectiveness Coaching

Coaching is now the mainstay for most successful organizations and individuals committed to building leadership competence. As your coaches, we support you to create the life you want both personally and professionally. Through a collaborative partnership, a coaching approach is customized to the desired results of the coachee. In order to have the most success, it is imperative that this process is not mandated or required but that the coachee enters into the relationship willingly and open-mindedly. Consequently, the following is worded from the perspective of the willing participant.


Bock’s Office coaches will:

• Assist you to think bigger, smarter or differently

• Ensure that you set better goals and reach them

• Help you to do more than you would have done on your own

• Achieve in a relaxed, confident manner

• Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more

• Assist you to break through the barriers which hold you back from being your best

The philosophy of coaching is that as humans we are great! We’re all discovering who we really are, what we would love to do and have in our lives and that we can develop certainty, presence and gratitude for making things happen in our lives far faster and more easily by having a coach who can assist, support and challenge us to be all we can be.


The results you can expect:

• Greater clarity of who you are and where you are heading

• Gratitude for what you have accomplished

• To make effective and focused actions immediately

• Stop putting up with what is dragging you down

• To create momentum so that it's easier to get results

• To be in respectful and caring relationships with others


How will we work with you?

We start by really listening! A coach is an objective listener and guide. We will meet on a weekly basis to:

• Assist you to better understand what will help you to improve your personal performance.

• Develop an individual plan that builds your leadership competence in the organization and with peers, bosses, friends, and subordinates.

• Problem solve personal and professional concerns you have linked to job performance and organizational goals.

• Develop understanding with you of the theories and models behind creating success and how to use them.


Coaching Design

We will include theory, practice, and real work/life application for you, following the transformational shift application cycle: experience – process – insight – apply. As much as possible we will encourage you to work on real life/work problems making it easier to transfer the insights to the work place. Each participant will be encouraged to commit to an outcome for personal development back at the work place.


Coaching process

1) Initial meeting to address questions, concerns, clarify process and set up the development plan.

2) Ongoing weekly coaching sessions to address daily concerns and develop and maintain long term vision, principles for engagement and action plans. A variety of tools and techniques are used to address specific concerns and achieve long term results.

3) Evaluation of the process and action plan developed for continued personal growth. We will also celebrate results achieved.


Time Frame

It is recommended that each leader commit to four one-hour sessions per month for three months to achieve clear results (Stage One). After the 3-month period the on-going requirements and next steps will be evaluated (Stage Two and Stage Three).


Ongoing Support

Real world demands do not always fit neatly into scheduled coaching sessions. This will be addressed by having the coach available by phone or email as needed by the coachee between coaching sessions.