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Bock's Office Affiliates

At Bock's Office, we have become the hub for connecting people and businesses. Here are a few organizations we are currently working with that we would like to share with you.


Enterprise Minnesota

Enterprise Minnesota helps small- and mid-sized manufacturers develop and implement strategies to grow business. Whether walking through the lean manufacturing process or advising on the latest management strategies, this organization helps businesses compete and grow profitably. 



Lean Associates

Lean Associates is committed to supporting companies, and improving their success rate. We have spent the last 3 years collecting data and analyzing the most common outcomes of lean implementations and have developed effective countermeasures to deal with them.





Shared Experience Consulting

For 28 years Don Thorpe has owned and operated a small chain of successful service industry businesses and has been recognized by his franchise peers for his group's accomplishments in customer service, business growth and community service. 

Don is a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Program which is focused on the art of business development, coaching, leaderhip and the development and use of business systems. He uses these skills to help other businesses achieve greatness with their customer experience and their teams.



Bock's Office is pleased to team up with in Fargo to
provide business development classes and printing options for all facets of business. Together Bock's Office and are working on building The Buzz at, a physical location where businesspeople can hold meetings, gatherings and off-site presentations and learning opportunities.



Wild Inspire

Scott Wild is the driving force behind Wild Inspire where he spearheads the development and implementation of various integrated marketing campaigns for clients.

Scott and his team have developed specific products and services to help clients grasp the concept of online marketing and get started in the right direction.

Wild Inspire also offers both online and in-person training around the most effective use of those products and services. Scott shares the Bock's Office vision of Awareness + Artful Action = Transformation and works to enlighten his clients about the WHY behind their marketing efforts.